MySQL Optimization Consulting with over 40,000 Hours of high-performance experience

High-Performance Experts for MySQL & Web Applications

Dan Khasis MySQL consulting helps startups and businesses address their most complex and unique technical challenges. Whether you're a co-founder, CTO, or VP of Engineering you need to know that we're different. We don't want your job, we just want to help you be more effective at your job. We focus on high availability and high performance environments with an emphasis on web-enabled applications and Cloud computing.

We address problems that plague most startups:
  • staying on budget and on time
  • lack of architecture or documentation
  • cost-effectively and quickly scaling storage systems
  • increasing web-throughput using global load balancing, clustering, etc.
  • multi-server database instances w/ load balancing, replication, and clustering
  • full stack optimization of your web, cache, database, and storage layers
  • client-side optimization

Our Team:
  • Performance Engineers
  • CISCO and juniper jncie Certified Engineers
  • FLEX engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Perl Engineers (etl, spidering, scraping)
  • We'll solve all your MySQL problems, Guaranteed!
  • Mountain View, CA
  • New York, NY

We are fluent in:
  • English
  • Russian
  • Romanian
  • Czech