MySQL Consulting Clients

Due to the discrete nature of our MySQL consulting services, we are unable to reveal the actual company names. For your convenience, we have anonymized a partial subset of our client list so that you can evaluate the scope of our experience. The client list is not in a specific or intentional sequence.

Industry Est. Alexa Rank Est. Revenue or Raised
Jobs Aggregator <1,500 $25M
Mobile Ad Network <20,000 $100M
Direct Ad Network N/A $3M
Gaming Ad Network N/A N/A
Social Network Listening N/A $3M
Social Network Influence <1,000 $10M
Social Network Behavior Analysis N/A $12M
Social Network Ranking Analysis <6,000 $4M
Facebook Dating App <4,000 $5M
Facebook Job Network <12,000 $1M
Personal Finance Management iTunes Top 100 $500k
Social Charity App N/A $750k
Moving & Relocation N/A $50M
Managed Dedicated/Colo Datacenter N/A $250M+
Social Sports Platform N/A $1M+
Cloud/CDN Content Management N/A $1.5M+
Currency Exchange (FOREX) Platform N/A $100M+
Stock Market Analysis N/A $5M+
Social Sports Platform N/A $1M+
NYC Dating Network N/A $100k
Precious Metals Lead Gen. N/A $250k+
Regional Nightlife Network <30,000 $5M+
MP3 & Audio Playlists <4,000 $30M+
Mobile & Online Dictionary <400 $15M+
File Sharing <175 $30M+
File Hosting <225 $7M+
Mobile Navigation iTunes Top 50 $750k+
Cloud Logging N/A $1M+
Distributed MySQL Cloud N/A $5M+
Social Food Deals N/A $250k
Media & CDN Management N/A $2M+
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InnoDB is a trademark of Oracle Corp.