MySQL Training

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Independent entrepreneurs, lean startups, and established companies hire us to train their engineers in MySQL optimization and other important MySQL tricks. When training your team, we're passing on tens of thousands of hours of industry experience. Since your current engineers are already familiar with how your system works, our training will permit them to improve your current system in the shortest amount of time.

Unlike consulting, training is not necessarily focused on completing a specific engineering task or resolving an emergency MySQL database issue. Instead, it is meant to bring you and/or your engineers up-to-date with the latest MySQL performance optimization tricks.

All training is done through interactive web-meetings (or on-site discussions). Some companies choose to do one-on-one training, and others prefer a group format. Your developers can ask questions about any subject matter. If a more generalized approach is necessary, we can prepare training materials that are relevant to your business.

In addition to training your existing team members, we can help prepare engineers that are going to join your team. By preparing new team members, and bringing them up to speed with the latest MySQL database optimization techniques and your system, mistakes and poor architectural decisions will be reduced. Or, if you're hiring a new MySQL administrator or in-house MySQL optimization expert, we can help interview the candidate to verify his knowledge and experience level.

MySQL Training & Optimization Topics

  • MySQL & PHP Optimization
  • Fetching, Storing, and Caching MySQL Data
  • Handlersocket w/ MySQL & PHP
  • MySQL Caching Strategies
  • Multi-Server MySQL Sharding
  • Distributed MySQL Key-Value Store
  • Distributed MySQL table analysis
  • Parallelize PHP & MySQL with Beanstalkd
  • Installing & Configuring MySQL
  • Upgrading MySQL Versions
  • MySQL Storage Engines
  • MySQL Replication
  • MySQL Master-Master Replication
  • MySQL Multiple-Masters
  • MySQL Slave Load Balancing
  • MySQL Replication Lag
  • MySQL Differential Backups
  • MySQL Log & File Management
  • MySQL RAID Optimization
  • MySQL I/O Optimization
  • MySQL Memory Optimization
  • MySQL Network Optimization
  • MySQL Thread Pool Optimization
  • Cloud Hosted MySQL
  • Optimizing MySQL Indexes
  • Optimizing MySQL Tables
  • Storage Engine Selection
  • Real-time MySQL backups
  • MySQL Backup Recovery
  • MySQL Archiving, Partitioning
  • Online OLAP with MySQL
  • MySQL Metrics & Benchmarking
  • MySQL Summary & Counter Tables
  • Performance Schema & Information Schema
  • And More!
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