Scalability and Consulting Rates

 Contact us at +1-212-201-0714 to discuss our rates and packages.

  • Per Hour Pricing: $500.00 USD per hour (15-minute increment minimum)
  • Flat rates available on a case-by-case basis.
  • We accept Bank Wire, PayPal, Check, and Cash.
  • Flexible Payment plans available.
  • Not all hours need to be used right away, hours do not expire.
  • We are available by Phone, E-Mail, Skype, AIM, MSN

*Time-to-call back:        

Web Consulting

This consulting option is for your middle-tier web-application for performance issues, scalability issue identification and resolution, fault-tolerance, caching, server tuning, DNS optimization, and anything else that's related to your web layer.

Database Consulting

This consulting option is for your database architecture, help with query optimization, tuning indeces, setting up a caching layer, deploying replication and clustering, and anything else that's database related.

Performance Consulting

This consulting option is for companies that need help with deploying and tuning their complex application on the network, application, and database layers using a full-stack optimization approach.

Network Consulting

This consulting option is for your network architecture, suggesting new optimization ideas, configuring your existing or new network devices, deploying load-balancing and clustering, connecting more than one datacenter, BGP configuration, firewall configuration, and any other network issues.

System Administration Consulting

This consulting option is for your systems. We can help your company save thousands of dollars on management and labor costs by making a small initial investment in remote management tools and automated server administration tools. We'll also help you deploy new servers, custom compile OS's and configs, identify a clear migration strategy to the cloud, and build your production environments.