Web Applications, Services, and Cloud Environments

apache, lighttpd, php, squid, sphinx, nginx consulting

Your web app layer is often times the glue between everything else. Writing scalable and reliable web applications requires a thorough understanding of all the other components of a complex web-based environment and few company's can offer Full LAMP Stack optimization.

Developing and maintaining sophisticated web applications goes beyond programming languages or environments. Most large scale applications operate on the same fundamental concepts: horizontal scalability, fault tolerance, redundancy, reliability, high performance, automation, and great documentation.

Often times, the biggest architectural mistakes are made early. Over time, these mistakes prevent exponential growth, increase downtime, and decrease revenue. Address your architectural concerns as early as possible. Also, don't forget that most systems which scale don't use native database sharding or partitioning, and that modifying your web-application will often times be required when addressing database and other web scalability issues.

We offer MySQL Consulting and Web Consulting with these technologies:


Apache, Lighttpd, Ngninx, Squid


Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, SimpleDB, SQS), Nirvanix, RightScale, GoGrid, RackSpace

Server Side

Objective PHP (with templating), Perl, ASP Classic, Key/Value Store acceleration w/ BDB, Tokyo Cabinet, Kyoto Cabinet, Neo4j, Cassandra, MemcacheFS, MongoDB, FlockDB, Redis, DRBD

Client Side

Advanced Javascript, Custom Frameworks, mootools, thickbox, jquery, ajax


Custom XML Schema, CSS, Valid XHTML, JSON, SNMP, Advanced Regex and Data Mining/Scraping/Indexing


We can help with other web technologies - just ask